Elder Care in Weddington NC: Why Exercise is Important for Lupus SufferersLupus, like many other illnesses, can make one cringe at the mere thought of exercising. Why put your body through even more strain and discomfort when it already does that to itself? Lupus in particular is an illness that would make you reluctant to add more of a burden to your body, because it is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the body attacks its own organs and tissues because it believes them to be a threat.

However, just like with many other illnesses, exercise can actually help more than it hurts – if you do it correctly. If you have lupus, stretching, lifting weights, and doing some light cardio can make you feel much better, both mentally and physically. If you have an aging loved one who is suffering from lupus, you or your elder care aide should encourage them to exercise, even if it is just a little, so that they can experience its benefits.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why exercise is important for people with lupus:

  • It can improve mood – Studies have long shown that exercise is a mood booster. It stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for feeling better and happier, and it helps you to forget your troubles for a while. If your body feels better, your mind feels better, which is why exercise is highly recommended for people suffering from depression. Lupus sufferers, though, can also benefit, because this disease encourages them to be sedentary, which can lead to depression or low moods. With regular exercise, however, lupus sufferers can feel much better – and much more cheerful.
  • It can make your body stronger – If your body is stronger, you feel stronger, and better able to face anything that comes your way. Flexibility exercises like stretching and yoga can make your body able to move more easily, and cardo can strengthen the muscles in your heart. Weight training can make your other muscles stronger as well, which can help to fight the symptoms of lupus, and keep your feeling fit and confident.
  • It can make you feel less tired – Lupus is an illness that commonly makes people feel fatigued. Exercise can combat this in two ways. One of these ways is that the physical act of exercising can give you more energy for the rest of the day, and can make you more alert. The second way is that working out helps you to sleep better at night. The more genuine rest you get, the better you feel.
  • It can help with side effects of lupus medications – Many lupus medications come with side effects that are not very pleasant. Higher blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol can all make your body feel bad, and can be a risk to your health. Exercising can help to combat these side effects, though, and keep your body and heart healthy and working properly.

As with any illness, consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine, and in any case, be sure to go slowly and not let your loved one overexert him- or herself. With the help of you or your elder care aide, these exercises can make your aging loved one feel much better, and may decrease the symptoms of their lupus.



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